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Wagon Wheel Forge and Gallery is owned and operated by Lonnie and Linda Robinson. Lonnie  has been in the business of twisting and bending metal for over 45 years.  The youngest of four sons, Joseph, has been apprenticing with his dad for several years and has created his own art with the blacksmithing.

Lonnie has performed many demos throughout Texas, being a regular at festivals and art shows such as Grapevine, San Antonio Folklife Festival, Scarborough Faire, Edom Art Show, along with many others.  Each show he has used the forge to create art pieces, as well as functional items.  Working with children is one of the highlights of doing demos.  There are children, young and old that are intrigued with the art of blacksmithing as well as the forge and anvil.  Educating them on the history, as well as what can be accomplished today with blacksmithing, can be very inspiring to the person doing the demo as well as the children.